Tuesday, 24 March 2015

GA Conference Beermeet

I met with my HoD: Claire Kyndt this lunchtime to talk through the lecture that we are doing at the Geographical Association Conference on the 10th of April.
Here's the details for you:

DateFriday 10 April       
Time: 13.50-14.40          
Session number: Lecture 6
Title of session
The impact of the ordinary: the story of a geography department
Room type: Lecture Theatre      
Room allocated: D7

Once that's over I have to head over to do the plenary for the double workshop being organised by the GA's Secondary Phase Committee and led by Bethan Harries. 

Then I have a meeting of folks from the GeoCapabilities project.

In the evening there's the 4th or 5th annual BeerMeet. Here's this year's poster, designed by Richard Allaway, with an original illustration by the redoubtable Tom Morgan Jones.

See you there....

Saturday, 28 February 2015

IAPS CPD - free, next Thursday...

Fancy a free CPD day at my school ? 
Details below, but you'll have to let us know quickly if you're coming along...

Next week, there is a chance to take part in a free CPD session which is taking place at my school for Primary colleagues.

There are 3 sessions. One of them is on the GA's Primary Geography Quality Mark, and I'll be leading that one to kick off the day. My HoD Claire will then be talking about images.
After lunch, there's a chance to hear Paula Owens from the Geographical Association talking about the Global Learning Programme.

If you teach in the area and fancy coming along, let me know...

UPDATE: Event running on 4th of June.... Get in touch if you want to come along...

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Conference in Toulouse

A few days ago, I picked up the news of a conference being organised by Russel Tarr at the International School of Toulouse.
I was due to go to the previous event in 2012 that Russel organised, but it clashed with something I was already committed to. This time round, that's not a problem
The focus is on pedagogy, and there's a keynote from Ewan McIntosh.

Good to see my name in the programme (though that's subject to getting permission to go from school as it's during term time)

It's a combination of Mission:Explore and GeoCapabilities....
Looking forward to the possibility of visiting Toulouse.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

I-USE Course in Stockholm

You can apply for funding to come free of charge, but you need to be sharpish - perhaps a job for half term...

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Improving teachers

Some interesting ideas here from Phil Wood... placed here as a memory jogger for myself more than anything else, but I hope some of you come across this who might not otherwise have seen it...

Saturday, 8 November 2014

GA Webwatch Crowdsourced Issue....

I have been writing the Webwatch Column for the GA Magazine since Issue 3, in the Summer of 2006. Here's a flashback to the first issue that I edited... I haven't changed a bit ...

Each issue since then, I've provided a range of web based ideas and resources.

These have included:
  • website suggestions, along with reviews on their usefulness
  • apps for smartphone and tablets
  • details on GIS software, data and other fieldwork related resources
  • CPD events and associated resources linked to the internet and training
  • links to TV programme and other support material
  • ideas on the use of social media
  • Twitter accounts which are relevant to geography and education
  • details of projects that are of interest (particularly ones I'm interested in)
  • suggestions for blogs to read

The most recent issue featured a review of Illustreets and LondonMapper websites and information on the School on Cloud project, details on ArcGIS Online, StoryMaps and the Internet of Things, a selection of Twitter accounts that are relevant, ideas for teaching about soils, and finally details on a World War One collaborative document.

In the spirit of crowdsourcing, the Summer 2015 issue of Webwatch is going to be thrown open to anyone to suggest some content.

I'm really after suggestions for resources like the ones above. They shouldn't have been featured before in Webwatch, and be of general interest to geography teachers, and ideally have been used in your classroom - perhaps with some pictures showing some student outcomes.
All suggestions that are included in the final piece will be given a full credit to you and your school (plus Twitter link if you have one)

Details of this opportunity will also be included in the Spring 2015 edition of GA Magazine, but because of the lead in time needed for submitting copy to the editors, there won't be very long between the arrival of that issue, and the deadline for suggestions, so I'll be reminding you here a few times between now and then...

All suggestions can be sent to my e-mail - add a comment below or contact me via Twitter...

Over to you ...