Monday, 24 May 2010

Teachers TV

The three programmes that I recently consulted on for Teachers TV were added to the website on Friday...
There are 3 programmes in the series.
Each was developed by Beth Newell and colleagues at Brook Lapping from original ideas which we discussed in an Italian cafe in Cambridge last year...

Each programmes last for 15 minutes
The first one: Today's Forecast, follows a line across the country from east to west and interviews a number of people whose jobs are dependent on the weather...
The second: The Great Storm tells the story of the 1987 Great Storm, but from the perspective of the storm itself...
The third: Degrees of Change is based on a specially commissioned poem by Mark Cowan and explores the possible impacts of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 degrees of warming in the future...

I'd love any feedback if you watch them, and particularly if you use them in the classroom....

Friday, 21 May 2010

Teachers TV

There are a number of Teachers TV programmes on the way that I had a hand in producing as a consultant on the content, and also helping to find teachers to provide appropriate lesson experiences that could be filmed.
The first of these is coming up in a couple of weeks time...

Hard to Teach: Secondary Geography Using ICT (J/4125/001)

Available to stream and download on the website as of 4th June

First transmission on the channel on 8th June at 08:25 followed by a further transmission that day at 16:25

Further transmissions have also been scheduled as follows:

9th June – 20:00

12th June – 19:00

13th June – 16:00

The programme features 3 teachers using ICT in the classroom.

Helen Young uses data-loggers to explore microclimates

Paul Haigh looks at virtual fieldwork in Sheffield

Bob Lang uses Google Earth, Gapminder and Digital Worlds