Friday, 21 May 2010

Teachers TV

There are a number of Teachers TV programmes on the way that I had a hand in producing as a consultant on the content, and also helping to find teachers to provide appropriate lesson experiences that could be filmed.
The first of these is coming up in a couple of weeks time...

Hard to Teach: Secondary Geography Using ICT (J/4125/001)

Available to stream and download on the website as of 4th June

First transmission on the channel on 8th June at 08:25 followed by a further transmission that day at 16:25

Further transmissions have also been scheduled as follows:

9th June – 20:00

12th June – 19:00

13th June – 16:00

The programme features 3 teachers using ICT in the classroom.

Helen Young uses data-loggers to explore microclimates

Paul Haigh looks at virtual fieldwork in Sheffield

Bob Lang uses Google Earth, Gapminder and Digital Worlds

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