Sunday, 17 May 2009

Welcome to the Blog

Geography teachers, like any teachers, need support from time to time.
This support can take a myriad of forms, occur on a range of timescales, and be necessitated by a wide variety of circumstances.
In recent years, the Action Plan for Geography has enabled the provision of a range of new support for geography teachers.
This has included:
  • a range of curriculum making courses, the outcomes of which are being shared online
  • the Geography Teaching Today website, which hosts both resources and CPD
  • the development of a Chartered Geographer qualification
  • support for both Primary and Secondary Geography Quality Marks
There are thousands of primary, middle and secondary schools in the UK, and a one-size fits all approach would never work, but neither could the GA offer bespoke support to every school. The aim for this blog is to contain a range of strategies and resources that geography teachers everywhere will find useful to some extent, and that it also becomes an interactive resource where teachers feel able to share experiences of using particular strategies.

Support needs to continue to keep pace with the changing educational landscape.
Support is offered by a range of organisations, but the Geographical Association, as the subject association for teachers has a mission to "further the learning and teaching of geography", and at the heart of this is the continuing professional development of teachers.

As a teacher, I was always looking for the latest ideas for resources, but was also receptive to pedagogy, and new ways of using familiar tools. I hope that this blog will become a place to discuss and share ideas which fit that remit...