Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Teaching Geography in a Digital World

I had a sneak preview of Paul Turner's new iBook a few days ago, and it's now out, and available on iTunes at 'my favourite price'.
This is a really nice summary of some of the best tools out there for teachers wanting to find out about technology that can help.

I particularly like p.54 :)

Well done Mr. Turner !

Saturday, 26 April 2014

TES Geography Week

I've been spending a bit of time this week doing some writing for next week's TES Geography Week.

I'll be checking in next Monday to see what Matt Foulds has to say about the new Geography curriculum - get your questions ready for him....

Here's the full timetable for the week...

Monday 28 April

Join us for a live chat at 6pm with an expert from the Department for Education to discuss the changes. Send us your questions here.

Paula Owens, primary curriculum development manager at the Geographical Association, will be blogging about the changes to the primary geography curriculum:
1. Key changes, essential messages and how we ought to interpret them

2. How geography can contribute to school improvement

3. How to evaluate geography provision

4. Thinking geographically: Enquiry, mapping and fieldwork

5. Global Learning: How do we teach about the wider world?

Dr John Hopkin, head of accreditation for the Geographical Association, will be blogging about the changes to the Key Stage 3 geography curriculum:

1. What’s changed, with some first thoughts on getting started

2. Some of the key challenges

3. Curriculum making, key concepts, and going beyond

4. Geographical enquiry

5. Progression: Despite the government’s decision to abolish level descriptions, many practices which support progress in the classroom will still be useful

Tuesday 29 April
The Royal Geographical Society has produced a resource pack to help you unpick the new geography curriculum. This will focus on: i) how the curriculum has changed; ii) teaching about the UK; iii) teaching about development issues. We will be launching this here on Tuesday.

We will also have podcasts from Paula Owens and Dr John Hopkin on a range of issues relating to the new curriculum.

Wednesday 30 April
Dr Rita Gardner, director of the Royal Geographical Society, who has been particularly influential in shaping the new curriculum, will be blogging about the major changes and explaining why the curriculum is as it is.

Thursday 1 May
The Department for Education will be releasing a video about the changes to the geography curriculum.
Alan Kinder, CEO of the Geographical Association, will be blogging about the changes to the curriculum for the Department for Education.

Friday 2 May
My favourite resources: Teachers will be recommending their favourite resources. Tell us about yours in the TES Geography forums or by tweeting @tesResources.

We will have a range of blogs from practising teachers bringing you the best of the Geographical Association’s 2014 conference.