Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Animoto now with added video...

A tool used by many teachers to create resources...
Now has the ability to add videos

Here's a quick video I put together to try it out...

Now when people ask me at CPD sessions "can you put videos into Animoto" I can say, "Yes, yes you can...."

Monday, 3 August 2009

Geography SEN Resource

An area that has interested me, and which I have been asked to produce something for is the area of SEN...
Two recent articles which dropped into my Twitter feed were produced by Teaching Expertise. If you are on Twitter you may wish to follow @teachexpertise

The first article was on transition and in particular on support for autistic spectrum pupils on the theme of tasks and moving from one room / task / year / school / teacher to another...

This geographical dislocation is often a source of concern for students, and the advice given in this article seemed to me to be very sensible, and worth passing on to secondary colleagues in particular.

The second was on Learning from Home using ICT

John Davitt Keynote

Just been listening to a wonderful John Davitt keynote from the Building Learning Communities conference.

Thanks to Bob Sprankle for the mp3 podcast.

A few great quotes:

“I dream of a world where learning is as important as shopping.”

"Stress kills learning"

"There are many paths to the same destination that the curriculum might be."

"Banda spirit master was the first multi-sensory worksheet..."

Take a little time over the summer to listen to John...

Secondary Geography Quality Mark

Have just emerged blinking into the daylight after two days: a total of 15 hours spent moderating almost thirty school submissions for the latest cohort of entries for the GA's Secondary Geography Quality Mark.

There was a tremendous variety of work, plenty of innovation evident, and a host of excellent student projects which show that new geography is very much 'living'...

We are putting together additional guidance for schools who are thinking of undertaking the collection of evidence for the portfolio, and appreciate the many hours necessary to complete this appropriately.

The Secondary Geography Quality Mark is really becoming embedded as a framework for departmental self-evaluation, which is backed up by a focus on quality geography and carefully moderated.

If you would like more information on applying for the Quality Mark, please contact Justin Woolliscroft at

Please note that there is also a PRIMARY GEOGRAPHY QUALITY MARK - for details of this contact Wendy North