Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Functional Skills in Geography

This might be useful for those teachers who are preparing to teach about / with FUNCTIONAL SKILLS.... (i.e. all teachers...)

This 24 page booklet is available as a PDF DOWNLOAD from the National Strategies website. It should also be arriving into all schools.

It contains a range of subject-specific (and generic) information on Functional Skills, as well as 3 developed contexts for geography lesson sequences which are as follows:

a) KS3 - Representing landscapes in literature...

b) KS3 - Investigating social inequality

c) KS4 - Consumer choice and natural resources

Oh, did I mention that I wrote it ?

I am grateful to Richard Allaway for pointing out the imminent arrival of a very useful resource to supplement to the bottled water context in the booklet...

Any feedback on the lesson contexts gratefully received - they were severely edited from the original 'vision'...

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