Sunday, 16 January 2011

'What if...there were no borders ?'

That is the title of an event being organised by Act Global.

It's taking place on January 25th at the Royal Commonwealth Society, London from 6-8.30pm.

Are national borders meaningful? In an increasingly globalised world, we rely on goods and information moving 'freely' across borders. However, due to global inequalities, freedom of movement is a luxury for most people. In the world that we live in today, is it right that a banana moves more freely than a person? Is it fair to restrict movement of people? And to what extent is it actually possible?
Act Global Talks offer a space for teachers and NGOs to think, talk and come up with solutions to global issues of migration. The talks are being filmed and will be available after the event, along with a series of lessons and accompanying resources, which examine the causes and effects of migration, alongside critical connections and solutions.

Speakers include Dr Danny Sriskandarajah, Director, the Royal Commonwealth Society; Ian Gordon, Professor of Human Geography, LSE; James Hampshire, Lecturer of Politics, Sussex Centre for Migration Research and Nathalie Rothschild, Commissioning Editor, Spiked. There will also be the opportunity to hear from organisations who actively engage young people in global issues, including iceandfire theatre company and education charity WORLDwrite. 

The panel discussion will be chaired by Sarah Spencer CBE, Deputy Director, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford (COMPAS).

Act Global connects teachers and students in taking action on global poverty-related issues. The project is run jointly by the Citizenship Foundation and Relief International UK. The Citizenship Foundation is an independent education and participation charity that aims to encourage and enable citizens to engage in democratic society. Relief International is a humanitarian non-profit agency that provides emergency relief, rehabilitation, development assistance, and programme services to vulnerable communities worldwide. 

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