Wednesday, 23 February 2011

NQT Geography Conferences - March 2011

The GA is putting on 3 conferences for NQT Geographers in London, Coventry and Sheffield.
I look forward to working with various delegates at these events to develop a range of options for career planning...
Image by Alan Parkinson

Rough Itinerary for the day...

9.00: Coffee & registration
9.30 : Welcome and introduction(s)
Tales from the classroom & exploring connections

10.00: Practical session(s) - Curriculum making & the Action Plan for Geography
To update knowledge of latest resources and thinking in school geography
11.00: Coffee and cakes

11.15: What can the GA do for you ?
Raising awareness of GA project materials for use in teaching and professional development
Curriculum-making activity

12.30: Lunch & optional fieldwork activity - “Mission Explore”

1.30: The next few years: where will geography take you ?
To produce a personal 'action plan' including important steps to take and professional development targets for the next year and beyond

2.45-3.00: Discussion on ongoing contact & networks

3.00: Plenary / feedback

3.30: Departure

All delegates will be contacted to provide some ideas for preparation in advance...
Outcomes from the day will be shared on this blog, which will become NQT oriented for the rest of the year, to develop ideas for new colleagues during these "interesting times"...

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