Tuesday, 1 March 2011

NQT: Things to do - 1: Flickr

This is the first in what will turn into a series of posts on things that NQT Geographers could usefully be doing to expand their range of available resources and strategies.
The first one is to start using Flickr (or some other online photo storage utility such as PICASA WEB ALBUMS.

A free Flickr account can store 200 photos (there are some upload limits) - you can, of course, create more than one free account as long as you have more than one e-mail address...
A PRO account costs about £15 a year, and is well worth it for the fact that you can then upload unlimited photos to storage. My account now has over 5000 images which have been added over a number of years.

There is a useful Flickr app for iPhone and iPad which can be used to upload/view images.
Images can also be attached to e-mails which are sent to a free Googlemail account, but each set of photos would need to be attached to an appropriately named e-mail to allow for searching. This is another free option though.

One advantage of taking photos and storing them is that they might be useful a long time later.
This post features two photos that I took about 4 years ago...

Geographies of food...

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