Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The importance of "planning" your lessons...

There's a lot of unambitious geography around...
Noel Jenkins has never been guilty of that.
His geography has always pushed the boundaries, and developed critical and creative thinking in the students fortunate enough to have him as their teacher.

His latest project is a genius piece of guerilla geography and place-based geography, which re-invents the idea of  pupil participation in the planning process, and the idea of 'localism', as well as local geographies, urban geography and local map skills.

WELLINGTON PLANNING hosts information about some proposed planning decisions that Noel and students have developed.
They are proposed changes to buildings in Wellington, Somerset.

Here, for example, is the planning notice for Waitrose: this will be turned into an alternative usage...

The proposed changes have been developed with local knowledge very much in mind, and that adds an extra dimension to the project.
There have apparently been some "interesting responses" from people who have come across the notices.

Nice work Noel - provocative and inspirational as always !

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