Friday, 1 July 2011

AEGIS training

Over to the Innovation Unit at the University of Hertford a week or so ago now to have some GIS training of my own.
After years of leading training with a range of free and commercial GIS tools and packages, it was time for me to get some advanced training: in the AEGIS package from Diana Freeman.

Spent a good chunk of time talking through the CPD package that Diana had sent me, and also the two very useful project books with ready made projects that had been put together with Helen Young of Geography Geek fame (Helen's website is one of various places where you can find AEGIS materials that she has developed for a range of Key Stages. There are some really nice activities here.

The Project book contains a range of fully resourced activities.

I learned a lot about the package that I hadn't previously known, despite having used it quite a lot over a number of years.
I am going to be available to do some training in the new academic year.
I can come into school and work with you and your colleagues.
Ring the Advisory Unit to learn about the CPD packages that are available...

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