Friday, 9 September 2011

Digital Explorer Oceans

A new website has launched for those interested in exploring the OCEANS.

From the press release:

Digital Explorer is very proud to announce the launch of [de] Oceans, sponsored by Catlin, an online channel bringing the oceans closer to all!

Whether you’re a teacher, a scientist, an adventurer or somebody who loves the sea, [de] Oceans – – provides a space to link together and encourage oceans learning across the UK. It’s all about sharing passion for the oceans and delivering an exciting and current educational programme based on robust and relevant science.
Catlin is proud to sponsor scientific research and educational programmes which explore how our planet’s oceans may be changing. Starting in 2009, Catlin has sponsored research into the changing Arctic environment through the Catlin Arctic Survey, a multi-faceted research programme through which scientists and explorers combined to study changes in the Arctic environment. 

The Channel combines:

Oceans Academy competition for teachers – win a training weekend on the south coast working with scientists, explorers and sailors! The weekend is full of unique activities with a sound scientific basis and aims to support teachers implement oceans learning in the classroom. What better way to begin or end your October half term! Apply now.

Oceans Ambassadors programme – bringing oceans knowledge direct to the classroom in the form of scientists and oceans experts.  Covering topics such as marine biology, polar science, marine pollution and the carbon cycle, browse the Ambassadors to book a visit to your school or their lab or workplace. Or, if you are involved in oceans work or research and would like to share your expertise as part of an outreach programme, register as an Ambassador.

Oceans Resources – launching fully on 22nd October, films, lesson plans, activity and fact sheets on Frozen Oceans will be available for free download. Topics relate to the National Curriculum and will work hand-in-hand with the above. More information here!

We hope to provide an authentic and lasting resource, encouraging upcoming generations to get out there into the real world and gain a deeper understanding, through direct experiences, of how the oceans sustain us.

There are also some RESOURCES that will be launching on the 22nd of October, as mentioned above.

There's also a competition to win a FREE teacher training weekend.

I am currently working on those - so I hope they meet the standard of the rest of the site, which is of a very high standard.

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