Thursday, 13 September 2012

GA Curriculum Consultation

Head over to the GA website now and read the latest update on the ongoing preparations for the new National Curriculum.
The GA has been working to put together some suggestions for what a new curriculum could look like.
It's a cautious document, given the various agendas that underlie it, and the Government's known penchant for core knowledge. The documents build on the earlier work of the manifesto 'a different view', which was a major influence on much of the GA's work over the last few years.

It recognises that there are many different departments, teachers, favoured topics, non-specialists etc. It will not please everyone all the time, or even some of the time. Most people will question the placement of particular topics. The problem is that as soon as one item is moved, it has consequences elsewhere. If  you feel that there is something missing, the only way that it has a chance of being in the amended document which may well influence the people who make the final decisions is to add it to the GA page. So it is important to participate in the consultation on the GA website.

Please note that the table below is for illustration only and shows the questions that you are invited to respond to having read the supporting documents.....
You will not be able to type into the table and submit your comments, for that you need to go to the GA website....

1. The aims and outcomes statements for each key stage support planning and make the rationale for geography clear.
Any additional comments:
2. The content and guiding questions for each key stage provide coverage appropriate for the core of a student's geographical education.
Any additional comments:
3. The level of detail of the curriculum proposals is appropriate for a national curriculum.
Any additional comments:
4. The paper on 'Thinking Geographically' shows how essential content can be used to develop students’ conceptual understanding of geography.
Any additional comments:
5. The assessment descriptors for each content exemplar provide appropriate standards and outcomes in a way which will support assessment.
Any additional comments:
6. In general, and all things considered, I support the GA's proposals for the national curriculum.
Any additional comments:

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