Monday, 18 February 2013

Global Learning Project vacancies...

I blogged earlier about the signing of a Global Learning Project involving DfID, Pearson and a number of organisations, including the Geographical Association. Had this gone ahead when it was originally planned, around 2010, I would still have a job, but sadly it was delayed and then its scale was altered slightly. The project as it now stands is described HERE on the GA website.

Some job opportunities were announced at the weekend for people to work on the project for a fixed period of time.
These range from national project leader to more regional and school based project co-ordinators. Worth a look if you fancy a change in role, and a few years focussed on global learning.

The vacancies will also appear on the Guardian jobs site soon and will be linked back to the Pearson’s website so that all applicants will be able to view them in one place. The jobs will be on the sites for two weeks.

While we're at it, there's also a job going working with Richard Allaway at the International School of Geneva. Worth a look if you fancy some time abroad...

If anyone else has a teaching vacancy they want me to advertise my rates are very reasonable... :)

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