Friday, 4 May 2012

Free resources from Tourism Concern

A related resource on the theme of water has been produced by Tourism Concern.

Water for Everyone: Sustainability and Tourism Issues for Geography KS 3 and 4 

Five free teaching units, focusing on water, the world’s most vital resource, and how it connects to tourism, the world’s fastest growing industry.
  • Designed for teaching Key Stage 3 and 4 Geography
  • Exploring key themes in current programme of study: understanding place / exploring interconnection and change / enquiring and communicating
  • Each unit contains an hour’s lesson plan plus an image bank and activities
  • Active learning structure, including investigation and role play
  • Freshen up your current KS3 curriculum at no cost
  • Bring real and ‘up to the minute’ case studies into your teaching
  • Prepare for the likely new emphasis on place

Unit 1 – Why is water precious?

This unit introduces pupils to the need for the sustainable use of natural resources.
Pupils will uncover how vital water is in our lives and learn how and why water scarcity is a growing problem.

Unit 2 – How does tourism affect the demand for water?

This unit links the local to the global, exploring the concept of sustainable living through the lens of tourism. Pupils will examine their own use of water on holiday, followed by how tourism relates to the problem of water scarcity, focusing on the popular Indian ‘wintersun’ destination of Kerala. 

Unit 3 – A moral dilemma for tourists

This unit raises the question of personal responsibility in the search for sustainable development. Pupils will be challenged to think through their own response to a moral dilemma posed by a story using current research on water scarcity in Goa.

Unit 4 – Water scarcity in long haul destinations

This unit demonstrates the global nature of sustainability issues, showing how countries share common problems. Pupils will undertake an online enquiry into destinations where according to current research, water scarcity is an increasing issue.

Unit 5 – Water and conflict

This unit explores the many factors and stakeholders that need to be considered if sustainable tourism is to be a reality in poor countries. Using role play to reveal different perspectives, pupils will decide whether a new tourist development proposed for the island of Bali should go ahead.

You will need to register for free to download the various documents and files that make up the resource.
The activities range from mystery card sorts, to dilemmas, to Google Earth exploration.
There is a link with tourism obviously, and in particularly the issues that face a location that wants to attract tourists, but has water scarcity problems.

There are several case studies which are used in the resources, including Goa and Bali.

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