Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Geographical Times

Received my copy of Issue 1 of 'The Geographical Times' earlier in the week and finally had time to sit down and take a read.

It was put together by Paul Turner, who I first met when he was completing his PGCE at Homerton College with Liz Taylor. It's a free newspaper, which is made up of contributions

The 2nd issue is going to be on the theme of the OCEANS, which is a splendid theme, and I shall perhaps try contributing something (whether it gets included or not is another matter...) based on my work with the Digital Explorer Oceans resources which I read today have been downloaded by 1 in 10 schools so far.

The newspaper is an actual physical object, which already makes it better than a lot of digital newsletters that you might receive. It's also a lovely opportunity for students to see their work in print, and being read by a large audience outside the school.

These contributions are eclectic, and add to the charm of the final newspaper. I liked the image of Antarctica, which was drawn by Camilla Makhmudi. There are also poems, images, and brief descriptions a little like 'blog posts', a description of a recent trip to Iceland, and website recommendations, such as the Clear about Carbon website.

The best way to ensure that you receive a copy of the next issue is to encourage your students to submit a contribution to this second issue. You'll also be in with a chance to win a camera. For details of how to do that, head for the Geographical Times website.
And finally, who can resist a letter which addresses you in this way... quite accurately of course...

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