Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hurricane Season

Get ready to start teaching about tropical revolving storms.
Hurricane season will start at the end of May... or has it already started ?

Tropical Storms Alberto and Beryl have already formed, but not developed any further...

Why does the hurricane season in the Atlantic start at this time of year and not earlier (or later ?)
Challenge your students to explain why...
Alberto and Beryl were the first in 2012's season - who is next ?
How are hurricanes named ?
Will there ever be another Hurricane Katrina ?

If you'd like a great activity using GIS and enquiry, you'll need to get yourself a copy of Bob Lang's 'GIS made Easy' book. This contains a full lesson activity and associated resources which teaches about some key GIS skills through the context of exploring hurricane paths.
You can have a sneak preview of the book by visiting the GA website.

Visit the NOAA site for all the latest information.

You also might want to catch up with a recent Twitter chat with the hashtag #hurrichat while it's still there: experts answering questions on hurricanes.
It's part of Hurricane Preparedness Week - lots of YouTube clips and other resources.
Get ready for the season ahead... Students should be in teams and briefed to keep an eye on a particular name and track it and report back...

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